An array of carefully considered elements are combined to create objects that bring a revolutionary spirit to classic design. There is a constant creative dynamic between RdP and our makers. The work of RdP is strong and versatile, becoming part of its wearer.


Combining equestrian influence and ancient symbols RdP's innovative approach to craftsmanship produces functional objects of striking elegance and beauty.

Our hides are supplied by Bakers and Sedgwick. Both are family businesses and producers of the finest artisan materials.

J and FK Baker of Colyton in Devonshire is the only remaining oak bark tannery in Britain. This gentle and sustainable process, taking over twelve months to complete, creates leather that retains its natural qualities. The site has been a tannery since Roman times.

Founded in 1900 and still supplying leather to the equestrian trade from their workshops in the West Midlands, J and E Sedgwick maintains the skills of expert craftsmen and curriers who finish the leather by hand. Many skills utilised at the beginning of the century are still employed today. 

All castings are made at our specialist metal workers based in Devon. They are an outstanding business employing a traditional 'lost wax' process. Their skill resulting in brasses and bronzes of character and fine detail.


Wound around the wrist or worn around the neck, in combination or in single strands, beads are made from natural materials and vary in shape and texture. Each string is unique and particular, hand threaded to hold colour and form in balance. Patinas develop over a lifetime.